About CSI

Strong and long-lasting organizations are built when professional experience merges with the ambition and energy of young professional engineers. This is how Commissioning Services International, CSI became the real manifestation of its motto “Converting Energy to Synergy” and providing an unmatched service to its partners and customers in MEP engineering services.

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Little bit more About Us

Since its start in Istanbul serving as the Commissioning Department of its MEP mother company in 2004, CSI structure went through many transformations. While handling its MEP mother company’s projects Commissioning Management works, the vision of its new founders to have it as the extension of their successful MEP construction business was applied after its planned breakthrough in 2015.

CSI new partners and founders have been owners, managers and directors of long-lasting successful companies in the field of MEP Contracting and Commissioning in Turkey and GCC before unifying their vision in CSI developed venture.

Aided by their extensive experiences in managing many large projects and representing the commissioning teams of their previous esteemed companies, CSI managers and key staff developed the optimum solutions to provide successful process driven business serving the MEP industry worldwide and provide assurance to the building owners and consultants that their installations were properly commissioned and operating efficiently.

CSI has performed Commissioning Management and Authority rules and all their related services starting with MENA, GCC and Europe. With current active prestigious projects in these areas, CSI is rapidly growing and targeting the global market by building its reputation as the future business partner for engineering technical services provider gaining the trust of its clients.

Establishment of CX department in MegaMEP

Establishment of CSI International in Dubai/ UAE

International expansion to MENA, Egypt and Central Asia

Establishment of CSI Misir in Cairo/ Egypt

Establishment of CSI Qatar

Establishment of CSI Europe in Warsaw/ Poland

Establishment of CSI KSA

Establishment of BIM Pro in Jordan

Establishment of CSI Bahrain

Board’s Message

It is always the target of the board members of CSI to be of a big value in all the projects. CSI was built to brand excellent engineering services and to deliver the highest standard outcome. CSI will be always a partner of value, not only a team member, in all the projects dealing with its prestigious and professional business partners and clients. We believe in partnership to deliver, we are target‐oriented, we trust our abilities and professionalism, we know Commissioning Management.

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