VIDENTIUM is an online application with mobile support Developed by CSI Software team with the technical input and enhancements of CSI Technical experiences Supportive tools for construction & commissioning teams to record, follow, report and manage all site activities.

VIDENTIUM is designed to be compact, adaptable, modular, user friendly, live and less time-consuming. CSI is able to use VIDENTIUM to have full live control and knowledge about project stages.

The whole application data is stored online on dedicated CSI Server More secure, easy to synchronize, reachable for all parties (sub-contractor, main contractor, client etc.) Collecting data from all parties, and guiding to the right response

Data Uploading, Updating, Synchronizing

Easy to create the project (Excel Sheets Based)
Very fast to add project references and equipment (3 Seconds Maximum for Update)
Adaptable to any ongoing project in any stage
Flexible for checklist creation and follow up
Able to follow planning schedules and milestone requirements
VIDENTIUM allows importing data from Excel files, then converting them to SQL database information.

User Interface

It is very easy and fast via web interface to create category, add equipment and update bulk checklists
VIDENTIUM is proving very rich and user friendly web base tracker, with this tracking interface, users are able to filter data, export to Excel, download or send an email the detailed site observations.

Customized Check List & Checklist Wizard

Videntium include a customized check list for each equipment and all this check list can be modified as per the project requirement and specification.
also with checklist wizard, users are able to add ready checklists from libary to the project

Equipment Tracking & Reporting

Any single equipment information and stage progress with checklist details can be shown on web base or download as a pdf file or send as an e-mail as well.
Users are able to filter any single detail as per their references.

Reporting on VIDENTIUM Dashboard

Dashboard has many options to create reports to show required systems and equipment progress and status.
All progresses are calculated as per work completion and equipment weight.
Listing Equipment as per type with stage completion percentage.
Equipment charts are available as per quantity or weightage.
Monitoring each type of equipment completion Report: all stages are should be completed to shown in this report.

Android Application

It is available on Google Play Store for any android phone or table to used by site teams to monitor, report, record all site activities.
App is providing opportunities to download all project data to use offline while users are on site and with implemented QR Code scanner, users are able to reach equipment information and check list more faster and also with electronic signature, they are able to sign checklists if it is required.

Benefits & Conclusion

  1. VIDENTIUM is a complete online solution to observe and monitor work flow and manage reporting problems during construction phases of projects.
  2. VIDENTIUM has an advantage as it can be fully customized according to actual needs.
  3. VIDENTIUM combination between offline storage with online storage makes working anywhere possible. Data can be gathered from construction site where there is no Internet Access, yet it can be synchronized when access is granted with only 1 click.
  4. VIDENTIUM is not a sales package application created once and never gets updated. It’ll be always updated as the time and technology go on.