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Energy Efficiency
Buildings account for 40% of the world’s primary energy consumption and 42% of the water consumption. Only 20% of the energy is used during construction phase of a building, while 80% is consumed over its operational lifetime.
Our Expert
CSI core team experiences vary from 3 to 28 years of experience with total combined years of almost 200 years. Core team is not only the Senior level. A promising intern or a fresh graduate with intensive trainings is considered a core staff that CSI management is investing and paving his/her way up.

Why Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficiency reduce the operation cost and carbon foot print.

  • Improve the image of the building.

  • Energy efficient equipment have a longer life cycle which means less maintenance and replacement cost.

Our Certificates

Certified Energy Manager

Association Of Energy Engineers

Certified Measurement & Verification Professional

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

Energy Audit

This is a survey focused on finding out how a building is using it’s energy. This
information is analyzed. The energy related improvements are then prioritized according to the cost effectiveness.

CSI provides a top of the line service and confirms that the scope of work, which it will undertake, covers all components and requirements deemed necessary to provide complete functional energy efficient systems that are environmental friendly and enhance the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) of the Building. Our Aim that the Audit achieves the following three objectives:

Walk Through Audit

Preliminary Energy Use Analysis
Rough Cost and Saving For EEM’s
Identify Capital Measures

Detailed Energy Audit

End-use Breakdown
Detailed Analysis
Cost & saving For EEM’s
O&M Changes

Invest Grade Audit

Energy Simulation
Capital Cost Financial analysis
Detailed Measurements

CSI Energy Management Solution

Provide a complete answer to your facilities and energy management needs, for your new or existing facilities through Energy Managements, measurement and verification, monitoring and control services.

CSI Energy Review

Service to review design drawings and specifications related to Energy Efficiency to provide recommendations that will improve the energy performance of the building. The Energy Review will save the time and operation cost and it will increase the human comfort in the building.

Energy-modeling is the virtual or computerized simulation of a building or complex that focuses on energy consumption, utility bills and life cycle costs of various energy related items such as air conditioning, lights and hot water. It is also used to evaluate the payback of green energy solutions like solar panels and photovoltaics, wind turbines and high efficiency appliances.

CSI LEED Consultancy

Will provide Assessment & Consultation for buildings approaching LEED accreditation to ensure that it will achieve the desire rating with the optimum design, and support you through the process form the design stage till the handover and document submission.

  • Most popular green building certification worldwide.
  • Rating systems: Design, Construction, O&M.
  • New Buildings, Existing Buildings, Homes, Schools, …
  • Environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently