Board Of Directors Message

It is always the target of the board members of CSI to be of a big value in all the projects. CSI was built to brand excellent engineering services and to deliver the highest standard outcome. CSI will be always a partner of value, not only a team member, in all the projects dealing with its prestigious and professional business partners and clients. We believe in partnership to deliver, we are target‐oriented, we trust our abilities and professionalism, we know Commissioning Management.

Mr. Tuncer Selim

Over 40 years of experience in the MEP construction field, with wide experience in Mega prestigious projects in MENA and Europe. Mr. Tuncer Selim is the Founder and Chairman of MEGA MEP, one of the leading MEP companies in Turkey and the backbone co-founder of CSI.

Mr. Yuksel Caglar

CSI Managing Director and Co-founder , Yuksel Caglar has over 25 years of MEP construction experience working for Mega projects in MENA and Europe. Yuksel has an extensive experience in managing MEP works and is leading CSI management team with a base in Warsaw, Poland.

Mr. Mustafa Hammodeh
Operations Director

CSI Operations Director and Co-founder, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of testing and commissioning in mega projects in GCC and Turkey. Mustafa Hammodeh is the dynamic heart of the company with his experience in leading the growing number of staff and client.

Mr. Ahmed Magdy
General Manager

CSI General Manager and Co-founder with more than 14 years of dedicated experience in the TAB and Commissioning field. Holding Project Management Diplomas from Amercian University in Cairo in Projects Budgeting and Financial Control, Resources Management and Planning when at 25, gaining strategic planning for new markets experience , Ahmed Magdy is managing the executive part of CSI business planning and operation.

Mr. Efe Selim
General Manager

CSI General Manager and Co-Founder, Efe Selim is the key person for CSI breakthrough in developing futuristic software programs and applications to be always up to date with the market rapidly increasing requirements. With his 10 years of IT and Business Development Management experience in mega projects in Qatar and UAE,

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